Digital Director

Stockholm, Sweden

With a focus on digital solutions I’ve had a wide role as a creative, digital strategist, motion designer, developer, interaction designer and team leader.

Reach me at: LinkedIn or email.

Awards 2018

Guldägget, Aktivering, Diplom

Guldägget, Innovation, Diplom

Echo awards, ranked 14 in the world in data driven creativity

Muse Awards, Online Advertising, Gold

Communicator Awards, Online Advertising, Silver

Awards 2017

One Show, Data-Driven Personalization, Merit Award

One Show, Online Advertising, Shortlist

Vega Awards, Display Advertising, Silver

Vega Awards, Banner Campaign, Silver

Echo Awards, Best Use of Search/Display, Bronze

Cresta Awards, Interactive, Finalist

KIAF, Media, Use of Digital Platforms, Shortlist

Guldnyckeln, Energy and Telecom, Nominated

Awards 2016

Cannes Lions, Creative Data, Shortlist

Eurobest, Creative Data, Shortlist

Epica Awards, Online Ads, Bronze

Webby Awards, Display and Banner, Nominee

Lovie Awards, Banner Ads, Official Shortlist

Echo Awards, Energy and Utilities, Gold

W3 Awards, Microsites, Gold

W3 Awards, Game or Application, Silver

Guldnyckeln, Energy and Telecom, Gold

Guldägget, Digitalt, Diplom

B-Reel Innovation Award, Nominee

Best Ads, Best Interactive Of The Week, March

Resumé, Månadens digitalt, 3rd

Awards 2015

Eurobest, Interactive Branded Tech, Bronze

Lovie Awards, Brand Microsite, Bronze

Epica Awards, Websites, Shortlist

European Excellence Award, Microsite, Shortlist

Echo Awards, Communications and Utilities, Silver

Guldnyckeln, Energy and Telecom, Gold

Best Ads, Best Interactive Of The Week, September

Resumé, Månadens digitalt, 2nd

Awards 2014

Guldnyckeln, Retail, Nominee

Best Ads, February

Resumé, Månadens digitalt, 3rd

Awards 2013

Echo Awards, Financial Institutions, Leader

Guldnyckeln, Financial Institutions, Silver

google creative sandbox feature

Directory, Digital Issue, July

Guldnyckeln, Energy and Telecom, Nominee

Creative Mobile Summer, Finalist